Plastic Mould Steel

Plastic Mould Steel Supplier in India

These are the steels that are used for plastic mould. The plastic products changes almost everyday and we as a part of that business, supply steel for the manufacturing of moulds upto large blocks for panels and automotive fenders. Plastics has taken an outstanding position amongst the products we come in contact in our daily lives. We offer a different grades adaped to the needs of various moulding applications for the manufacturing of parts from simplest to most sophisticated like Chairs, Telephones, TV Frames, Printers, Monitors, Keyboards, Water Tanks, Dashboards, etc. We are the leading supplier and manufacturer of plastic mould steel in Delhi NCR - India.

Properties & Characteristics

  • Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Mirror Finishability
  • Surface Workability


  • Plastic Mould Industy
  • Mould Frames
  • Machine Tool Engg
  • Die Casting Industry
  • Mould Parts
  • Preform Diess

Special Steel Includes Cold Work Steel, Hot Work Steel, Plastic Mould Steel, High Speed Steel, High Strength Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel. These tool materials adhere to great quality demands of steel like temper, strength, toughness, resistance to tempering, hardening capacity, dimensional stability etc. The range of Tool Steel in our store includes products from renowned manufacturers.