High Speed Steel

High Speed Steel Supplier in India

These steels are fast cutting steels with high resistance, fine robustness, high compression strength, and fine wear resistance. This steel is suitable material for Hot Chemical processing (CVD, PVD). Sandeep Enterprises is a one of the trusted high speed steel manufacturers and suppliers in steel industry at best prices.

Properties & Characteristics

  • High working hardness
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent toughness
  • High retenction of hardness & red hardness
  • Fine robustness


  • Broaching tools
  • Cold work tools
  • Machining tools
  • Metal saws
  • Metal cutters
  • Reamers
  • Taps
  • Twist drills
  • Wood work tools

Special Steel Includes Cold Work Steel, Hot Work Steel, Plastic Mould Steel, High Speed Steel, High Strength Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel. These tool materials adhere to great quality demands of steel like temper, strength, toughness, resistance to tempering, hardening capacity, dimensional stability etc. The range of Tool Steel in our store includes products from renowned manufacturers.